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  • Winter semester (11.9.2023 – 4.2.2024). It is not possible to register for winter semester anymore. If you have any missed classes you need to substitute, do so until the end of the semester. We do not push unattended classes to the new semester. Thank you for understanding.
  • Summer semester (5.2.2024 – 16.6.2024). Registration is now OPEN. Fill in the registration for for the same course as you attended in winter semester. Name / level of all courses remain the same.
  • Exception = LH BEG changes to LH BEG 2 because we will open new Lindy Hop beginner classes and they will be marked as LH BEG 1. Also there will be 1 new course of Solo swing opened.
  • All courses from winter semester will be open in summer semester. Except of: St. Louis Shag, Showcase, LH BEG Monday at Swingovna and Tap B/I Thursday in Dlouha are
  • ATTENTION! Check the schedule for availability of individual courses.
  • For paired classes (Lindy Hop, Balboa, St. Louis Shag) your registration will only be confirmed if there is a balanced ratio of leaders (usually gentlemen) and followers (usually ladies). If the ratio is unbalanced, you will find yourself (hopefully only temporarily) on a waiting list until the L/F ratio is adjusted. So registering as a couple will guarantee you a place in the course right away (if the total capacity of the course is available), but you will not dance with your registration partner the whole time. The partners rotate in the class.
  • Changing dance partners during the lesson is compulsory because of faster learning progression (proven by years of experience).
  • For the LH ADV, Balboa ADV, Showcase and Ladies Choreo courses it is necessary to pass audition before the beginning of the semester. AUDITION.
  • If you need advice on choosing a level, or are transferring from another dance school, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • To get an idea of what level to report to for Lindy Hop, this GRAPHIC will help.
  • Taster classes for the next (summer) semester will be available in November and January as part of the regular dance classes at the Old Lady’s (more info in EVENTS).
  • If you want to try a class outside of the taster classes/ during the semester, you can pay single entry for a class (if there is space available in the course). For more info please contact us.