Swingovna, our base, has been the home of Prague swing dancers since 2020. The space is part of a house called “Little Berlin” (we recommend googling it). The premises have about 150 m2, of which 80m2 is the main dance hall with mirrors. Anyone interested in how our ugly basement became our second home can watch the video HERE. A lot of the credit for the Swingovna goes to our friend Thomas Nisser, who thought up the whole remodel, helped with the projects, and did a lot of the work.

Address: U Smaltovny 20, Prague 7
(in the courtyard on the left side)


Our next dance home, since 2009! Thanks to our landlord Ivan Prachensky, tap, swing and our other dance classes are available right in the centre of Prague. For that he deserves a big thank you!

And because the premises are in the basement and well soundproofed from the surrounding buildings, we are allowed to tap dance here. And believe me, it’s not easy to find a space where nobody minds tap dancing.

Address: Dlouhá 20, Prague 1


The Letná water tower underwent extensive reconstruction in 2018. In the building next to the tower (entrance from Na Výšinách Street) you will now find a beautiful hall with a wooden floor where swinging is held once a week (Wednesdays).
The location of Prague 7 is popular with us, as you may have noticed. Well, it’s not a coincidence as most of our teacher live in Prague 7 district! They like to go to work “in slippers” so thats why!
But you can also reach Prague 7 comfortably from other districts. And we believe that those who have fallen under the spell of swing will be happy to reach the location from anywhere else < Address: Na Výšinách 1, Prague 7
(entrance to the ground floor of the DDM building)


This stylish café in the heart of Prague 7 simply has a soul. It’s alive from morning till night!

The wooden-floored lounge can be found in the basement. After the dance classes you will be rewarded with a well chilled beer at the bar 🙂

Address: Heřmanova 6, Prague 7
(lounge in the basement)


U Smaltovny 20, Prague 7
– in the courtyard just to your left


Dlouhá 20, Prague 1- basement


Na Výšinách 1, Prague 7 – entrance to the ground floor of the DDM building