ZZ Summer Camp

Saturday 29.6. (starting with lunch) - Saturday 6.7. 2024 (ending with breakfast)
Rychta Morašice near Litomyšl

The sun is shining, swing music is in the air and dancing is everywhere….

That’s how we all remember it, and that’s how we all want to start the summer. Like every year. This year we will see you again in Rychta Morašice, near Litomyšl.


Accommodation and food – Rychta Morašice u Litomyšle

Rychta offers three accommodation options:
– Room with bunk beds (5-10L) – some rooms have private bathrooms, others have bathrooms shared in the corridor
– Dormitory, or summer sleeping in a former granary – capacity 30L (normal beds, NOT bunk beds) divided into 2 floors.
– Your own tent – the place for tents is a meadow lined with tujis right next to Rychta. Showers and toilets are available on the technical ground floor, which has an entrance right from the tent site.

Due to the limited number of beds and type of rooms, it will not be possible to provide the type of accommodation and privacy required by everyone.
If you need privacy, consider booking accommodation somewhere nearby and commuting to Rychta. In this case, you can of course dine with us at Rychta.
We will also not be able to provide accommodation for those not going to lessons for the week, or for family members, chaperones and visitors. Thank you for your understanding.

Full board is provided at Rychta for the entire stay:
– breakfast buffet
– lunch = soup + main dish (we offer 2 options – with and without meat)
– dinner = main meal WITHOUT meat
The preliminary menu is available HERE.
Food is cooked fresh in the local large kitchen. The owner of Rychta tries to accommodate us with various individual requirements (allergies etc), but it is not possible to provide too many different types of diets. Please let us know in the registration form if you have any restrictions and we will let you know if we can accommodate them.



SWING and much more fun!

This year’s program for swingers will include a total of 23 hours of lessons (main Lindy Hop lessons + 2 blocks of optional thematic lessons). Not only foreign lecturers will come, but you will also meet most of the lecturers from our team. In addition to the lessons, you can look forward to (not only) swing dancing, but also traditional disco / retro dance, themed dancing (costume is not compulsory), practicals, slam poetry / stand up evening, discussion with lecturers, flea market, etc.

At the final dance session you can also perform some of the choreography you learn at the camp, or you can admire the performances of others.

Those who would like to push their dancing boundaries a little further can try participating in the Jack & Jill competition. The format of this competition is that you dance with a random partner to music chosen by the DJ. In the first rounds (called prelims) you always rotate, i.e. you dance to three songs (fast, medium, slow tempo) each time with a different partner. In prelims, leaders and followers are evaluated separately.
We select 6-8 pairs for the final, only one more round and the whole pair is usually judged. You can win a free pass to one of our international dance festivals.

Due to low interest in past years, we will not be offering a stepper program at Summer Camp.
But don’t worry, our instructors Anička DD and Terka K. are already preparing a stepping ground for you. More info on the website in events coming soon.

The main lessons are focused on Lindy Hop.
In the registration form you will find a description of the levels of the main lessons. You choose the level according to the description and your dance experience (with Lindy Hop).
Which level you will be placed in will be decided at the AUDITION at the beginning of the camp.
If you are auditioning with a partner and want to be in the same level, you will be considered as a couple. So it won’t happen that you will be split into different levels because of the audition.

Rotation in all paired lessons (main and thematic) is compulsory.

All participants choose 2 different thematic lessons for the whole duration of the camp (topics cannot be combined). Click HERE for a graphic overview of all thematic lessons.
These are various topics that do not fit into regular lessons. When registering as a couple for the main lessons, each couple can choose different themed lessons. For paired lessons, we will always confirm places according to the current number of leaders and followers.


THEMATIC LESSONS – block 1 (6×90 min)

Balboa I/A (Instructors: Maria & Luis)
Suitable for those who have been dancing Balboa for at least 3 years.

Slow Dance (Instructors: Míša & Štěpán J.)
You can do this lesson with your morning coffee in hand, who wouldn’t want to! We will focus on the different ways we can dance to slow music and, of course, how to adapt our “regular dance” to slow music. To give you an idea, listen to this PLAYLISTso you know what to expect (it’s a mix of slow swing, blues and ballads). Suitable for INT and I/A level.

Showcase (Instructors: Kamča & Štěpán P.)
Showcase lessons focus on performance and related topics. But they will help anyone who would like to feel more confident dancing in front of people…which is actually all the time. We will discuss styling, expression, how to dance to fast and slow tempos, and we will also look at orientation in music and space. We’ll discuss all of this with a few well-known choreographies. We will then combine everything we have learned into one performance that we will present to others at the end of the camp. Suitable for ADV and ADV+ level.

Big Apple (Instructor: Marine)
A well-known choreography that every swinger should know. And there will be plenty of time and space to not only learn it at the camp, but you will also be able to perform it at the camp’s final dance party. Lessons will focus mainly on choreography, but you will also learn technique.


Jazz (Instructors: Anička DD & Zdeněk)
A program for maintaining and developing physical fitness and dance skills. The class consists of “Luigi’s warm-up”, stretching and strengthening, jazz isolations, jumps and spins. The lesson focuses on jazz, ends with a short variation and is open to all levels. Suitable for all regardless of the level of the main lessons.


THEMATIC LESSONS – block 2 (6×60 min)

Flying Special (Instructors: Míša and Štěpán J.)
It’s like a day without the Charleston! And preferably before lunch. That’s why we want to focus on it with you and take it from the ground up to the stars. We’ll discuss technique and styling, things for the eye and for the soul, and show you that flying isn’t just basic and tandem. Suitable for I/A and higher level.

Balboa INT (Instructors: Maria & Luis)
Suitable for those who have been dancing Balboa for 1-2 years.


St. Louis Shag (Lecturers: Štěpán P. and Kamča / ZZ)
Discover this cheerful and playful dance! Suitable for those who want to start with Shag, i.e. have little or no previous experience with this dance.
Suitable for all regardless of the level of the main lessons.

Dance Fundamentals (Lector: Michal Kwiatkowski)
The content will be technique and drills, which should be the basic equipment of every dancer. We will focus on balance, body control and coordination.
Suitable for all regardless of the level of the main lessons.

Solo Blues (Instructor: Genia)
Beautiful dance, beautiful music.
Suitable for everyone regardless of the level of the main lessons.

And for the early birds we have the option of morning yoga with Oli or Conditioning with Zdeněk.
– Yoga with a teacher who is also a dancer is a great preparation for a long day of dancing. Bring your own yoga mat!
– Conditioning will then be more about stretching and strengthening. If the weather is nice we will be practicing outdoors, so please wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

Afternoon and evening activities

In addition to dance lessons, there are plenty of other activities and entertainment waiting for you. If there is anything missing from the programme or you would like to organise something yourself, please contact us.

Attention! Theme nights are NOT mandatory with costume! But where else to go to have fun with everything than at a summer camp for adults, right?!

And therefore it is almost impossible to participate in everything and it is also necessary to rest sometimes. But then again, that FOMO…. 🙂




We have a few new things for this year! The first one is Luis and Maria from Mallorca!
They’re not only divine in dance, but also in humanity. They are not only Lindy Hop masters, but also Balboa masters, so you can look forward to their Balboa lessons in two levels.

And the second one is that Michal Kwiatkowsky from Warsaw will come again, but this time he will teach with his current dance partner Genia from Ukraine, who currently lives and teaches in Warsaw. And that means combining his great technique and methodology with her incredible feminine energy and creativity.

Morning yoga will be led by Oli again.

And of course you can look forward to the Zig-Zag lecturers – Marine, Míša, Kačka, Kamča, Kuba, Štěpán J., Štěpán P., Zdeněk.

We look forward to seeing you!