Zdeněk (ZZ)

It wouldn’t have happened without Zdenek.

If he hadn’t followed his dream of learning to tap….
If he hadn’t starred in the cult film Swing Kids…
If only he hadn’t decided to learn swing not just as a performance for the film, but so that he could dance with other swing dancers from abroad….
If he hadn’t started Zig-Zag….

…. Then the world (at least our Prague tap-dancing and swinging world) would probably look completely different than the one we know. Thank you!

How did you come to swing?

During the filming of the American movie Swing Kids in the 1990s in Prague, I was chosen to be a dancer in the film.

Your favourite dance figure?

Swing out, offering many variations.

Who do you like to teach and why?

Most prefer beginners, they are not burdened with any habits.

Your dance inspiration?

Frankie Manning, Peter Loggins.

“Dancing has kept me in good shape physically and mentally for years.”

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