Stepan P.

Every follower wants to dance with Stepanek! It is the sheer joy of dance and movement that is felt in every step.
Some might say he simply inherited it from Zdeněk.
But genes aren’t everything and he’s still working on himself! This year you can take lessons with him not only in Lindy Hop, Acrobatics, but also in St. Louis Shag.

How did you come to swing?

Family 🙂

Your favourite dance figure?

Sugar push.

Who do you like to teach and why?

Anyone with a desire to learn.

Your dance inspiration?

Peter Loggins, Rokas Borusevičius, Hector Artal & Sonia Ortega, Remy Kouakou Kouame.

“Dancing is a joy, so it’s good not to take yourself too seriously… no matter how many people are watching.”

Lecturer’s courses



Dance acrobatics for swingers. But let's start in order. Or who wants to fly in the air in a couple, has to work ...


The most common couple dance, danced to swing music. It's energetic and fun. Simply the best companion for every ...
Private: St. LOUIS SHAG

Private: St. LOUIS SHAG

The St. Louis Shag is a playful dance full of energy! These classes are for those of you who already dance Lindy ...


For those who want to move beyond "social dance". For those who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone ...

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