Her dancing is pure joy and a wave of energy that will take you with it!
She started with Lindy Hop in England, continued at home in Poland and finally (luckily for us) settled down in the Czech Republic.
In addition to teaching, it also helps us with social media and some of the production. And to have people who are capable of organizing on the team is just a great relief!

How did you come to swing?

I always liked the music and the retro clothes. I started dancing when I lived in the UK. It was fall and I broke up with my boyfriend, so I needed a little endorphin boost.

Your favourite dance figure?

The ones that are still emerging on the dance floor.

Who do you like to teach and why?

People who want to work on themselves and love to dance.

Your dance inspiration?

Pavli Korcova, Sharon Davis, Bianca Locatelli, Alice Mei.

I can’t imagine life without dancing anymore.

Lecturer’s courses



Any of the girls and ladies who want to push their comfort zone and try their hand at dance performance are ...


For those who want to move beyond "social dance". For those who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone ...


The most common couple dance, danced to swing music. It's energetic and fun. Simply the best companion for every ...
Private: St. LOUIS SHAG

Private: St. LOUIS SHAG

The St. Louis Shag is a playful dance full of energy! These classes are for those of you who already dance Lindy ...

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