Anna DD

Annie disappeared abroad for a year. We missed her, but the year flew by and she came back from Barcelona full of new ideas and dance tricks. She took so many techniques and so many classes a day, we don’t understand how she survived.
Hats off and we are already reaping the fruits of a great tap, swing and jazz teacher!

“When I was studying at the vocal conservatory, Zdeněk had me take tap lessons and after a month of lessons he came to me to ask if I wanted to start dancing. So I started!”

Your favourite dance figure?

Definitely the groove of Paddle&Roll and its variations ❤️

Who do you like to teach and why?

Beginners! I like how they’re out of their comfort zone, but trying to look like everything is perfectly fine. 😋 No, I’m joking, I like to build trust between teacher and student, i.e. give them enough confidence that they can make mistakes, ask questions, try. Letting them know that even if it doesn’t look like it, we started out that way too.

Your dance inspiration?

Estefanía Porqueraz from Barcelona. A tap dancer who is not only great at what she does, has several projects and groups she runs, but also as a tutor has inspired, helped and led ME to incredible things.

Once you cross that imaginary line and fall in love with any dance, there’s no turning back. Tap is not just ‘beating your feet into the floor’ (as my dear brother says). It’s not even weird hand choreography to make it look like something. Tap is a movement challenge, a rhythmic challenge, tap has many forms (rhythmic, musical, competitive,…). Just choose! We are dancers, we are musicians!

Lecturer’s courses



Tap is for real dance enthusiasts and especially for rhythm. We emphasize technique and improvisation. That is, ...


Solo dance training for all little swingers and tap dancers. We emphasize rhythm and the development of motor ...


Jazz training for those who want to build their dance technique and movement skills, but at the same time ...

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