Stepan J.

Stepanek has been with us in Zig-Zag for a very long time and is now even the second oldest after Zdeněk.
He started dancing with us as a teenager and soon began teaching and performing. His parents are both jazz musicians and it shows, music is in his blood.
She dances great Lindy Hop and Balbou and also tap dances divinely! He places great emphasis on musicality in his teaching.
In addition to his lessons at Zig-Zag, he also teaches and DJs at festivals and workshops in the Czech Republic and abroad.

How did you come to swing?

I wanted to learn to tap dance and through tap I came across ZZ, where there were also swing lessons

Your favourite dance figure?

Lindy circle.

Who do you like to teach and why?

Anyone who wants to and learns to dance with humility.

Your dance inspiration?

Old timers.

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