We love her style! She dances just divine!

Together with Stepanek they make an incredibly harmonious pair and it is a pleasure to have them in the team.

Their lessons are very popular, plus they oversee the methodology of Lindy Hop and Balboa lessons, help with festivals and have lots of great ideas to keep Zig-Zag moving forward.

How did you come to swing?

I got my first lesson as a gift and it was quite a surprise. And then I was on my way 🙂

Your favourite dance figure?

I like to play with the rhythm. Often it’s best if it’s not even a specific figure. Just dance!

Who do you like to teach and why?

Anyone who enjoys dancing, who has a smile on their face.

Your dance inspiration?

In the end, it’s always the music that inspires me the most.

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Another member of the swing dance family that, unlike Lindy Hop (East Coast), began to be danced on the West Coast ...


The most common couple dance, danced to swing music. It's energetic and fun. Simply the best companion for every ...

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