Moncha is ours too! She doesn’t teach regularly anymore, but you can definitely meet her virtually. He is in charge of applications and payments.

How did you come to swing?

Through the music videos, where I enjoyed the dancing.

Your favourite dance figure?

I don’t know how to name them, I like dynamic figures with more tension, which make me feel a bit like I’m on a merry-go-round, but I also enjoy a lot the classic swingout with swivels, it doesn’t get boring.

Who do you like to teach and why?

My favourite people to teach were INTs who have a lot of enthusiasm, at the same time they already know a bit about what they are doing, still have a lot to do, few bad habits, still humility and modesty. There’s a lot of potential and you can do almost anything, so it’s fun.

Your dance inspiration?

Currently Bianca – mainly because she is her own, original, doesn’t copy anyone and always radiates joy. I also really like the naturalness and fluidity of Alice Mei. Of the male dancers I really enjoy Remy’s style, I never get tired of it.

“I wish all our student dancers to keep the joy and enthusiasm from their beginnings and that this always prevails over ambition. I am most saddened when students are not satisfied with what they can do because they are ‘not good enough’. I understand ambition, but a dancer who exudes joy will always be the best dancer for me, regardless of the perfection of technique!”

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