Terka K.

Terka has been tap dancing with us since she was a little girl and we were happy when she came back to us as a teacher after many years.

He regularly travels to festivals and workshops abroad, both in the USA and in European cities, and is constantly working on himself. Tap is her domain, but this year you can also take Lindy Hop lessons with her.

How did you come to tap/swing?

When I was 10 years old, my mom brought me to Zig Zag to start tap dancing. And now here I am, still tap dancing. Thanks to tap, I got to different parts of the world, started to play solo jazz and also Lindy Hop.

Your favourite dance figure?

It doesn’t exist. Dance is a complex thing for me and I perceive it as a whole. But I like to tap dance time or flaps.

Who do you like to teach and why?

I prefer to teach mainly those who are interested in dance and music. Who enjoys the culture that goes with this dance. So everyone who comes to the class.

Your dance inspiration?

My dance inspiration is mainly music, rhythm and body movement. There would probably be many dancers, but the ones I like to be inspired by are Andrew Nemr, Nicholas Young, Sara Petronio and last but not least Zdeněk Pilecký 🙂

“Step is love for life, then everything else is added. I am currently studying dance pedagogy at HAMU so that I can pass on as much experience as possible to my students.”

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Solo dance training for all little swingers and tap dancers. We emphasize rhythm and the development of motor ...


Tap is for real dance enthusiasts and especially for rhythm. We emphasize technique and improvisation. That is, ...

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