Filip is dangerously creative. As soon as he thinks of something, he’ll try it (give him a basic step and two minutes and you’ll find him trying triple turns with his leg behind his head … and he’s got the lead).

You can bet that after dancing with him you’ll have a smile on your face from ear to ear.

How did you get into swing?

A long time ago, I tried a few swing lessons with my then-girlfriend. Then I went back to it myself about 8 years later in dance school and it stuck with me.

Your favourite dance figure?

The natural – whether it comes from the music, the dance partner, the dance floor, the moment or a combination of all.

Who do you like to teach and why?

Anyone who wants to learn. Then it’s a joy to teach, and it doesn’t matter if one teaches dance or English (Filip is an English teacher by profession).

Your dance inspiration?

There are! But I must single out the covid pioneers of online balboa lessons, Andreas Olsson and Olga Marina, who taught a weekend festival from their hotel room, and Laura Keat and Jeremy Ottho, who spent hours in front of computer screens each week to teach sometimes 3 lessons in a row. And others who kept me on my toes and inspired me during the pandemic, including resident experts Štěpán and Míša.

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Another member of the swing dance family that, unlike Lindy Hop (East Coast), began to be danced on the West Coast ...

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